There, you will see a graph comparing COVID cases in the U.S. and EU. The differences are glaring. Some perspective: the EU has roughly 50 percent more people than us, living in less than half the area. The numbers parallel each other through March and then peak around early April. But then the graph lines diverge. Today, the entire EU is at less than 4,000 COVID cases per day and steady since mid-May. The U.S. is at over 30,000 and rising fast.

One must ask what the reason for these discrepancies is. Two reasons come to mind. First, a lack of consistent messaging from our leaders that prioritize the political outcomes of their decisions over our health and well-being; and secondly, an unwillingness of a large faction of our populace to endure temporary, minor inconveniences (wearing a mask and social distancing).

I wonder what future there is for a country whose leaders weigh political expediency over public safety. The future also looks grim for a populace that is reluctant to make small sacrifices for the greater good. We all would do well to take a lesson, here, from our European friends.